Software Development made in Germany!

Close contact to our developers

Our developers act as project managers at the same time and thus guarantee an agile course of the project and keep you always up to date!

Close Contact to our customers

We do not leave you in the lurch! As a customer, you are fully involved with us in the development from the beginning and see your app emerge!

Young and engaged Developer Team from Germany

Unsere jungen Entwickler sind nicht nur Experten auf Ihrem Gebiet sondern sitzen alle verteilt in ganz Deutschland. 


App-Development for iOS

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From your idea to the App
in just 8 weeks


Within 8 weeks in the store

We develop comprehensive and complete app solutions, thanks to the latest app development tools, in just a few weeks.

Realtime Development

During the development process, we like to set up several meetings with you to show you live the current state of the app. This way you can give us feedback directly and we can offer you a much faster and more transparent development.

Newest App Development tools

We use Google Flutter as a UI toolkit to create beautiful, natively compiled applications from a single codebase. This has the advantage that bugs are half as likely to occur, and if they do, we can fix them twice as fast.

Design & concept

Thanks to our dynamic team, together with you as a customer, we develop the design and concept according to your ideas within a few days. You can express wishes and changes at any time during the project.

Why are we using Flutter?

Fast Development

Expressive and flexible user interface

One identical UI for iOS and Android

Full native performance, on both iOS and Android

Bug fixes faster than ever because both apps are based on one code

Changes and adjustments in synapse speed

Since we always use the latest technologies, you are always close to the implementation of a project and can accompany it from start to finish. Wishes, changes,...? No problem, we respond to their needs in real time!

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